Jul 08 2012

10 o'clock
about 25 yards
It's the soul's duty to be loyal to its own desires.
It must abandon itself to its master passion.


Jul 02 2012

Eagle Eyes, Hands of Steel
Tough as Nails
Sweet and Gentle to the Core
We'll miss you Buddy

Bru & Lu

Jul 11 2012

I met Jeff when he was buying his first boat and we quickly became best buds. I have many great stories with Ghosty that I'll always remember. He is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and I'm proud to have had him for a friend and will miss him a lot.

Capt. Lenny Moffo

Jul 02 2012

Jeff and I first met in 1997 at a local gym, we instantly became friends from the start and also work out partners every day. Jeff was very persistent in getting me to try fishing the back country, but at that time I was working sixdays a week and any spare time I had was spent with my family. I also thought that it was odd fishing for a fish you just put back and not take home to eat! I finally conceded in going fishing with Jeff and I was instantly hooked! We would fish numerous places up and down the keys, Everglades, and Sanibel Island. My son J.C. at age six ,was able to catch his first bonefish and permit with Captain Jeff, along with my wife and myself, all in the same day!

Eventually Jeff convinced me to try for my captains license and with all his support and enthusiasm I was able to achieve that goal. Shortly after getting my captains license I was diagnosed with brain cancer and Jeff was right there to help with anything I needed (ride to store, someone to hang out with, or just keep me motivated). When Jeff came to my house one night to tell me he too was diagnosed with cancer, I knew I would be able to support him and understand what that WORD can do to your life. We had a great friendship. I will see you again one day my friend! Have a fishing pole ready for me chief!


Jul 14 2012

Jeff meant so much to me. On the water in the Keys, we were soul mates. His knowledge and eyes, my casting, we were a great team. He often told me what a great caster I was. The last time I saw him I reminded him of the first time we went out and he gave me the quick lesson in two handed casting that I use to this day. That is why I'm a good caster, because of you buddy. My wife just said to me, he was your best friend and I realize that she is right, but I think Jeff had a lot of best friends. I loved him like the brother I never had, I will miss him like few others, and I will think of him often, especially when I am on the water.

Just want to relate my best trip with Jeff. Five days of fishing in early June - we caught, 32 bonefish, 8 permit and 3 tarpon, including one grand slam day. No chumming all sight fishing, that's what he was all about.

Jeff was a genuinly caring person, it wasn't a front. He liked everyone (unless you ran a flat we were fishing). He loved what he did more than anyone I know. The only way I can deal with this is to know that he lived his too short of life exactly as he wanted. For this, he will be a source of inspiration to me as I continue my life path. As I get my own business going I hear Jeff's voice in my head, "chase your dreams, buddy, I know you can do it."

I was lucky to have an the opportunity to meet all of his family and see Jeff one more time. He has a great loving and caring family that I know meant a lot him. Keep in touch and keep fishing. Until we meet again, Chief, which I truly believe we will, keep fishing and chasing your dreams, I know I will.

— Randy

Sep 05 2012

The world lost a great human being in Capt. Jeff. He was not only a friend but a part of my family for over 13 years. He taught all of us not only how to fish the lower keys and flamingo -but how to care for a fishery and the environment. My family is devastated over a loss of such a great guy at a young age. He will always be remembered

John, Debbi, Taylor, Hunter and Skylar Troyan.

Jul 13 2012

I know that Jeff was a great fisherman, but more importantly he was a great person. He will be missed here in the Florida Keys. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and close friends. Rest in peace my friend.

Dustin Huff

Oct 01 2012

I just was saddened to learn of Jeff's passing as I went online to rebook him this month. In August of 2009 he got me the flats slam and then some, 4 bones two permit and two Tarpon. I'll never forget that day, it was one of if not the best fishing experience I have ever had and Jeff's personality and know how were readily apparent... happy trails great guide! RIP

Sandy McGaughey

Sep 22 2012

It is Saturday, September 21, 2012. I am 71 years old and two years ago, I lost a dear friend from childhood, Steven Gruberg. Steve and I fished with one of the kindness, gentlest, what-you-see-is-what-you-get; a man beautiful in every way. A man most would want to be like. A good man. A friend, a decent human being. My friend Steve loved fishing. He was a wealthy man; I was not and approximately the time Jeff left to go fishing, my friend needed the best guide to be had. So in heaven, he chose Jeff. And I know I can look forward to hooking up with them because as I write this, they just tied into a big one. I hadn't heard from Jeff in some time and now I know why.

I looked at his website and when I came to "Remembering Jeff", I was expecting clients' replies of their wonderful experience. But in an instant, I knew that was not the case.

My wife is typing because I can't. I am devastated. I miss you Jeff, and I miss you Steve. Little did I know it was to be our last trip together three years ago.

May God hold you gently and eternally keep you in His hands. Rest in peace my good buddy

Barry Lenzer

Jul 17 2012

My husband and I fished with Captain Jeff May of this year 2012. We knew he was battling cancer but he was very positive and thought for sure he was getting better. I just found out today that he lost his fight. My husband and I are so sad about this. He was a top notch guy and he knew the water better then anyone in the Keys. I have so many pictures of him and I am so glad. Rest in Peace my friend and thank you for 10 yrs of wonderful memories.

Mike & Brenda Burke

Jul 10 2012

Capt Jeff and I hooked three permit on a great day of fishin the flats.I went home and got a permit tattoo with his boat on my shoulder. he could not believe it next time I saw him. he loved it. Jason we hooked up with you, while in the back country. I have a picture of you and Jeff on the water. also went out and bought a hewes. moved to florida and love it. This is the impact Capt. Jeff had on my life! Thanks Jeff
We fished the keys with Capt. Jeff for several years. We became good friends with Jeff, he would come over for dinner when we stayed at sugarloaf KOA. ALways had skirt steaks on the grill. My wife and i both caught huge permit and bones fishing those beautiful flats with Jeff.We were going to hook up and fish next week. You will be missed! Will think of you when I pole and fish the shallows. We love you bro.

Reggie and Mae

Jul 12 2012

I first met Jeff when I moved to the Keys in the early 90s to become a fishing guide . We had a few things in common as we both were from Jersey and we both loved to fish .
He often talked about his good buddies , Lenny , Dick Martell and Diego , as I have not seen Jeff in a while he always would take time to walk across the dock or walk across the parking lot to say hi and chat about fishing or life . He will be missed by many , my prayers go out to his friends and family . I am proud to call him a friend .

Capt. Jim Bennett

Jul 13 2012

I never met Jeff, was hoping to. Before my first Big Pine self guided trip last May, I found this site while looking for info on BPK. Jeff's website really stoked me up for the trip, I loved his bio and how unpretentious his website was.

My brother and I are coming down Sunday and I brought up Jeff's website yesterday to show him the fishing in BPK, it was really sad to see that Jeff passed.
Please accept my sincerest sympathies for all of Jeff's loved ones and friends.

Capt. Brian Clancy

Nov 11 2012

I never fished with jeff
but we fished the same waters(big pine key and pennsylvania sweet water)and when i talked to him about each spot or secret hole and swaped fish tales it was great!
he told me about a hole in the gulf he happened upon.next time i hit the keys i will go in search of it he gave me a general location
and when i find it,the gps location will be named after jeff
he invited me down to fish with him in big pine and i will always regret not being able hook up before he passed
tight lines and smooth seas jeff

Capt. Russ